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Seed and Sod

Looking for seeds? Already started veggies ready to plant or just trying to keep the bugs from eating your lawn and garden? No matter what your needs are, when it comes to your lawn and your garden, CT Garvins has everything needed to help!

Our seed selection is very extensive and covers a complete line of vegetable seed, grass seeds, forage seed, deer plot seeds, and custom made mixes. These are sold by the pound and in pre-measured bags.

Black Kow

The Composted Cow Manure all-natural, organic way to improve native soils is by using Black Kow® composted cow manure. By mixing Black Kow® cow manure with your native soil before planting, you do 3 important things:

Provide moisture holding capacity to sandy soils. Black Kow cow manure holds water and nutrients in the soil around the roots. The roots can use the water and nutrients when needed instead of letting the nutrients leach through the soil.

Provide aeration and moisture holding capacity to hard, clay-type soils. Black Kow® cow manure helps break up those soils so that water and nutrients are available to the plant when needed.

Give your plant’s roots the optimum environment in which to get started. Black Kow® cow manure contains millions of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria convert nitrogen and other nutrients into an easily available form for the plant. It is organic and contains nutrients that are released slowly without burning tender roots. These nutrients and moisture are held in the soil around roots until the plant needs them.

Also Available:

Black Kow Top Soil

is a naturally occurring blend of organic material from our Florida peat deposit. It’s great for top-dressing entire lawns or just fixing bare spots. Mix with Black Kow® cow manure for planting trees and shrubs. Our top soil by the bag is Black Kow and comes in a 45lb bag – $5.99. Price subject to change.

Black Kow® Peat

is the newest product. This unique, organic product is made form dairy manure that is literally “washed” using a patented process. Though it is a peat-style replacement and has the same initial qualities (water retention, loft, appearance, etc.) this product is not a preservative like peat, but actually promotes a healthy soil substructure. Also, unlike other peat products, Black Kow Peat has nutrient value. These nutrients are non-soluble and don’t wash away upon watering but are slowly released as the material naturally breaks down.

Decorative Pots

More than just flowers, herbs and plants, CT Garvin has the area’s best selection of decorative pots for your landscaping and gardening.

No matter what size plant you have, you’ll find the perfect pot to show it off to your friends and neighbors.


Create the best looking flower beds around by finding your flowers, bulbs and more at CT Garvin! Talk with our expert staff about what to plant when and in what conditions. We will always do our best to point you in the right direction for your needs. With a large selection of the finest flowers available for our area, you can’t go wrong shopping and planning with us. Being a locally-owned business, you simply can’t beat our care and service for our customers.

Hand Tools

Garvin’s has a wide variety of tools for the homeowners and the professionals. We have everything you need for your garden, lawn, and around the house.

Vegetable Seeds and Plants

We have a great selection of Chef Jeff, All Star, and Bonnie Plants as well as North Alabama’s largest selection of seeds!