P.F. Harris Manufacturing Bed Bug Killer

P.F. Harris Manufacturing Bed Bug Killer

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Harris 5 Minute™ Bed Bug Killer uses patent pending technology to kill bed bugs in just 5 minutes after initial contact. In addition to the quick kill, the spray features a residual that lasts 1 month. A few additional benefits include EPA acceptance for application on all parts of the mattress, not just tufts and folds. Harris 5 Minute™ Bed Bug Killer is odorless, non-staining and kills pyrethroid resistant bed bugs and their eggs. With a quick time to kill, 1 month residual kill and EPA accepted application on the entire mattress, this formula makes a great addition to the Harris bed bug product line.

  • Patent Pending Technology – Uses metofluthrin, clothianidin and piperonyl butoxide
  • Harris Exclusive – Harris has an exclusive on this formula in the retail market
  • Residual Kill – The EPA claim for the residual of the product is 1 month
  • EPA Registered – Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (No. 1021-2793-3) for use in homes

Harris 5 Minute Bed Bug Killer

  • This product is the next generation insecticide which effectively kills Bed Bugs in both residential and commercial buildings and structures.
  • This product’s patent pending technology provides residual control for up to four weeks after application and is scientifically formulated to target Pyrethroid resistant as well as susceptible Bed Bug strains.
  • This Product also kills bed bug nymphs and eggs by contact.
  • Apply as an indoor crack and crevice or direct spray application, according to application instructions in non-food areas including: Hotels, shelters, modes of transportation, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, warehouses, offices, apartments,motels, kennels and hospitals.
  • This product is an easy to use product for application with hand-held, or backpack sprayers.
  • This product will not stain water-safe fabrics or surfaces, however care should be taken to test an inconspicuous area for staining prior to use.

To Kill Bed Bugs (Adults, Nymphs, and Eggs):

For best results, vacuuming surfaces is recommended prior to treatment.  Spray bed bugs and eggs directly whenever possible,

Apply as a pinstream, coarse spray or low pressure spray for crack and crevice, carpet perimeter, and direct spray applications in and around non-food areas where bed bugs and their eggs may hide or harbor.  

For example, on and around baseboards, floorboards, millwork, bed frames, headboards, wall hangings, furniture, door and window frames, walls, closets, window treatments, beneath floor coverings, as well as other non-washable items that may come in contact with bed bugs such as shoes, luggage, and backpacks.

We always recommend that you read the product label for the complete application recommendations for all Harris Products.