Turf Mark Spray Indicator

Turf Mark

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Turf Mark Spray Indicator is a natural-looking, temporary colorant that shows exactly where application has occurred. The highly visible color helps prevent skips, overlaps, and helps point and minimize drift, leaving turf looking lush and healthy after treatment. Turf Mark Blue is safe, non-toxic, and won't harm people, animals, or the environment.

Turf Mark Blue will assist pest control technicians in applying structural pesticides by marking treated areas blue. Turf Mark Blue will indicate treatments on soil, wood, fibrous material and other areas. The colorant will help to eliminate damaging or wasteful overlap and reduce problem skips in application. Turf Mark Blue washes off most surfaces with soap and water. This product may stain certain surfaces in pre-treatment applications. 

  Flat fan spraying tips are recommended when applying Turf Mark Blue. Increased volumes of spray solution should be used when Turf Mark Blue is applied to hard-to-mark areas. Longer or thinner stands of turf or sod may be more difficult to mark due to the non-uniform marking surface. Increasing the total volume of spray solution applied to those areas should reduce
marking difficulty.

Rate of use: Between 6-30 oz. per 100 gallons depending on the application area. Please see product label below for full details.